Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things Kids Say

I have grown to love picking Princess up from preschool twice a week. It takes me 45 minutes to pick her up, run her to the babysitter's house, and back to work. It's precious time I get to spend with my daughter during the work day. I enjoy hearing about her day, hearing about what she learned, and seeing her artwork.

When I picked her up on Thursday we were crossing the street to get to the car. She was telling me how excited she was to show me what she had made that day. Just then, Emily saw a car coming. It wasn't very close, but she started rushing me to get across the street so it wouldn't hit us. I told her not to worry, and that I wouldn't let that car hit us. As we jumped up on the sidewalk she asked me how I had stopped the car(from hitting us). I told her "With my Super Mom powers". Then she said

"Mama, you don't have super powers. Just be yourself."

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