Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Bear Likes A Blankie

One of the most exciting days of the summer was the day the bear showed up after dinner with the in-laws. He has been here before, but this visit was very entertaining. There was the initial shock of discovering the bear in the yard just as I stopped the little one from opening the door to run outside(again). As she had just learned how to unlock the front door, she had made a little game of running outside so I could chase her. I grabbed her up, locked the door and was walking back into the dining room when I noticed the bear out the window on the sidewalk. Yes, a little scary, huh? The entire family moved from window to window to watch him as he walked around to the back of the house. He checked out the kids' toys, the wheelbarrow I had been using earlier to work outside, and moved towards the woods like he was going to mosey on.

As it happens, Coach had been inspired to put up an impromtu clothes line when I told him we could save a little money hanging towels on the line to dry. As the bear walked by the clothes line he stopped, turned around, and to our surprise arched his back just like a cat and walked underneath my favorite blanket. For the next 10 minutes we watched him smell it, cuddle with it, and rub his face into the blanket. My brother-in-law was actually the one who snapped the photo from out on the deck.

I figured the bear enjoyed the Lavendar Vanilla scent of my laundry detergent as much as I do. I had never written to any company before, but I figured the company would appreciate the compliment and maybe even a great advertising moment. As it turns out, I got the standard We appreciate your interest in our company letter and a coupon for free laundry detergent!

At least he didn't put any holes in my favorite blanket, and he will just need to find his own!

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